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Improve your priority planning process and enhance your focus

At a Glance

Who Should Attend:

Individuals, supervisors and senior managers who must understand the strategic direction of their business and create an effective plan for execution.


  • One-day, instructor-led session 

  • Follow-up coaching session to reinforce learning

Tools Provided:

  • Comprehensive Learning Guide and Resource Manual

  • Subscription to our monthly LearningLink e-newsletter

Related Training:

Learn to make effective choices when faced with increasing demands and responsibilities. Select the right tasks, at the right time, every time.

Discover a proven, small project management process including the importance of action planning, and acquire the tools you need to make things happen.

This course will help you:

  • Deliver improved results

  • Overcome barriers to achievement

  • Recognize what's urgent and what's important

  • Turn intentions into actions

  • Learn how to plan your projects

  • Handle higher volume at a faster pace

  • Commit to values and goals

  • Focus on your business' strategic direction

Priority Planning

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"The Priority Planning course has allowed me to use that personal productivity and organisation to take a structured approach to meeting my goals. The results have surpassed my expectations. Richard provides excellent post training support, which I have also found an invaluable aid to implementing the techniques. What was evident during the courses is that Richard really understands his subject area and knows how to apply that knowledge. In addition he has a relaxed style that works well with the subject matter."

EMC Computer Systems

Detailed Synopsis:

The Priority Planning Workshop is designed to help you develop the knowledge and the skills required to maximize your performance and productivity at work.


At the end of the workshop, you will be better able to choose the right task, use the right tools and apply the right process to achieve great results.


Unit 1: Workshop Goals

Introduces you to the programme materials, processes, tools and goals. Core competencies are highlighted for each unit and workshop exercises are designed to apply best practice behaviours.


Unit 2: Self-Assessment

Provides an opportunity to surface challenges both at work and at home and examines your current skill level to meet them. Results are plotted onto the WorkSkills Matrix.


Unit 3: The Productivity Formula

Emphasizes that while task achievement is a top priority, the processes and tools you choose are critical to the accomplishment of your desired results.


Unit 4: Define Your Purpose

Identifies and clarifies the key organisational strategies and aligns specific tasks and activities that support their achievement. You select a key strategy for application of the Priority Planning process.

Core Competencies: Independence, Innovation, Conceptual Thinking

Behaviours: Confidence, Balance, Focus

Unit 5: Establish Your Goals

Examines the Decide-Do-Deliver model of work. You will learn how to develop a strategic goal to enhance performance within your chosen key strategy, and gain commitment from others with a process for team decision-making.


Core Competencies: Strategic Thinking, Flexibility, Results Orientation

Behaviours: Goal Setting, Decision Making, Planning

Unit 6: Turn Intentions Into Actions

Focuses attention on the process and tools to make things happen back on the job. You learn the importance of action planning with a proven small project management process.


Core Competencies: Thoroughness, Efficiency, Concern for Impact

Behaviours: Project Planning, Delegation

Unit 7: Deliver the Results

Emphasizes the needs for good communication, including influencing.

The meeting process is reviewed and you learn the skills necessary to better coordinate the commitments of others.


Core Competencies: Influencing, Persuasion, Initiative

Behaviours: Communication, Meeting Planning, Teamwork

Unit 8: Learn From Experience

Develops a specific process to highlight what we have learned in order to evaluate the experience of proper planning and to continuously improve the process.


Core Competencies: Ability to Learn, Self-Development, Flexibility

Behaviours: Continuous Improvement, Self-Appraisal, Coaching

Unit 9: Team/Company Assessment

Re-visiting the WorkSkills Matrix™ in order to assess your team's specific challenges and skills related to the Priority Planning process.

Unit 10: Learning Transfer - Back On The Job

Summarizes the workshop highlights and provides a simple transfer of the action plan back to the workplace.

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