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About Priority Management

Over 40 Years of Global Impact

Priority Management, a global leader in management training and organizational development, operates from our Canadian international headquarters with 55 global offices. We partner with multinational companies, government agencies, and organizations across the world. With four decades of experience and 2.2 million participants, our commitment is to enhance performance and achieve client goals.

Orlyn Kostenuk

Owner & Managing Director

Priority Management, Red Deer & Winnipeg

As the Owner and Managing Director of Priority Management in Red Deer and Winnipeg, Orlyn Kostenuk has cultivated a legacy of excellence in the world of learning and development. Through strategic partnerships with leading learning organizations, Orlyn and his team have introduced cutting-edge models, processes, and concepts to empower clients and their teams.

Since 1992, Orlyn and his team have fostered partnerships and relationships with with over 800 organizations across the globe, delivering world-class learning initiatives to individuals, teams, and organizations in many industries.

Learning that works

At Priority Management, we shatter the traditional training paradigm. We don't view training as a mere formality but as a catalyst for transformative change within your organization. We're dedicated to ensuring that every learning experience we offer brings about tangible, positive outcomes. We measure our success by the extent to which participants not only absorb new knowledge but also apply it, igniting a profound shift in their approach. With our wealth of experience, we've honed the art of crafting and delivering training that guarantees real, measurable results for your organization. We're all about delivering dynamic learning experiences. Here's what sets our learning events apart: Interactive: We're not about passive learning; we get every participant engaged and actively involved. Comprehensive: Our programs come with the right tools and follow-up strategies to ensure lasting impact. Fun: Learning should be enjoyable, and we make sure it's a good time! Relevant: Our content speaks directly to the specific challenges your team is experiencing, in your industry. Applicable: The learning is designed to seamlessly transfer into real-world workplace scenarios. We don't just stop at the classroom; your long-term success is our primary concern. We understand that learning isn't a one-off event; it's a journey. We're all about integrating learning into the very fabric of your organization. We follow up, measure results, and, most importantly, ensure your satisfaction every step of the way.

Our collaborative approach

Our journey together begins by reviewing and understanding your organization's unique business landscape and identifying the precise learning needs essential for realizing your goals. We don't just prescribe solutions; we co-create a tailored learning plan in close consultation with you. Whether you prefer on-site, off-site, or virtual settings, we offer flexibility in program delivery. You may also opt for your team to participate in our open public sessions, where they can draw inspiration and insights from a diverse network of professionals across various industries.

Comprehensive training solutions

Assessment: Let’s look at how well your organization is performing now, and how well your teams are prepared for the future. Our skills and tools provide a clear snapshot of the knowledge and skills in your teams currently, highlighting the areas for peak performance enhancement. Skills Training: Whether it's fulfilling customer orders or navigating complex data systems, your staff need specific skills to excel and contribute to your bottom line. We offer training in a wide array of essential business and personal skills to empower your team. Success Coaching: Successful teams require effective coaching to align their efforts, clarify their mission, and ignite motivation. Our success coaching fosters just that – a path to success. Productivity Tools: Sustainable behavioural change hinges on integrating productivity tools with learning processes. Our unique productivity formula encapsulates the equation for success: Task + Process + Tools = Results. We're committed to bringing this formula to life for your organization.

Unlocking your organization's potential

Private Onsite Workshops and Virtual Live-On-Line Sessions: One size rarely fits all. That's why we specialize in tailoring training programs to your organization's unique needs. Through meticulous assessments and consultations, we pinpoint the specific areas that require development and then craft a customized training process to address them. Whether it's enhancing team dynamics, upskilling individuals, or onboarding new talent, we're your partners in elevating your organization's effectiveness, boosting sales, and ramping up productivity, among other vital aspects. Public Workshops + Virtual Sessions: Our primary focus is on personalized training solutions for organizations, but we also have a variety of engaging and impactful open sessions designed to cater to individuals or teams outside the bounds of in-house training. This becomes especially valuable when you bring new team members into the fold, allowing them to quickly get up to speed with the rest of your organization through public workshops and live virtual sessions.

Effective tools for real results

Ever tried to hammer a nail with a flyswatter?? We understand the importance of having the right tools for the job. In our sessions, we provide a comprehensive package of training and tools that your team will roll up their sleeves and work hands-on with, ensuring they return to the workplace well-equipped to take action. Priority Tools for Success: Whether your organization relies on MS Outlook, Google Apps, OneNote, MS Teams, or another platform, our Working Sm@rt methods empower you to take charge of your day. These techniques deliver lifelong benefits to individuals, teams, and organizations. At Priority Management, we don't just teach intentions; we turn intentions into actions, and actions into results. The right tools combined with effective training create an unbeatable advantage for your company. Let's join forces to propel your team to the next level!

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