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Business Presentation
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Learn to deliver a powerful presentation with confidence and persuasion so partici-pants are motivated to learn, change, and take action.

Presentation Breakthroughs

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At a Glance

Who Should Attend:

Anyone who gives presentations to small groups or large audiences:

  • Management Meetings

  • Sales Presentations

  • Employee Presentations

  • Briefings

  • Conferences

  • Public Speaking Engagements


  • Three-day interactive, instructor-led session

Tools Provided:

  • Participant Learning Guide

  • Video Feedback

  • Behavioural Profile

  • Presentation Skills Assessment

In this highly interactive program, you will learn skills, strategies, and techniques that dramatically increase your effectiveness as a communicator and presenter in both face-to-face and in virtual environments.

At the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Listen and respond to questions effectively in an interactive presentation

  • Identify strategies to handle difficult situations and people

  • Use sound presentation objectives

  • Use a presentation outline

  • Understand and relate to the audience using behavioural profiling

  • Use presentation aids and media effectively

  • Feel empowered to use your new skills immediately

  • Be confident that you can deliver clear and focused messages

Detailed Synopsis

Start with the end in mind! We will clarify and align program and participant objectives, maximizing workshop effectiveness.

Unit 1: Learning
In the first unit, you will be introduced to the Learning Cycle. Knowing how to learn enables you to change; Learning and change are inseparable. We will introduce the Learning Log tool to help you get the most out of this workshop and all future learning experiences.

Unit 2: Planning
You will learn to create a Presentation Outline using the five elements of the O.P.M.E.T. formula, which is your guide when planning and delivering your presentation:

  • Clear Objectives

  • Careful Planning prior to the presentation

  • Development of Motivation with the audience

  • Explanation of concepts, ideas, information, or proposal

  • Test for understanding and commitment to next steps


Unit 3: Presenting to Influence
In this unit, you will discover a four-step process in presenting to meet your audience’s needs. Utilizing this process engages your audience and ensures your call to action is responded to.

Unit 4: Communication Skills
We will show you how to convey your message using voice, eye contact, and body language. Understanding Behavioural Styles will help you relate to your audience….and adapt to them for improved presentation delivery.

Unit 5: Interaction:
You will learn how to generate positive inter-action with the audience. You will discover how to read non-verbal behaviour, how to question the audience, as well as how to handle their questions. We will teach you active listening skills and strategies for handling challenging situations and difficult participants.

Unit 6: Presentation Aids
In this last unit, you will learn about various presentation aids, when and how to them most effectively.

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